Design Flow Tutorial: Analog IC Design

Design Flow Tutorial: Analog IC Design
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To help designers focus on the flow and the design environment, the tutorial uses a sample design - a PLL (phase-locked loop) acting as an FM discriminator. The sample design is included in CMC's latest design kit for 0.18-micron CMOS.


The product includes an instructions document (ICI-098) and setup files.

  1. Download the User Documentation and Setup Files -- Version 1.0
  2. Move the CMC_analogflow.tar.Z file into the parent directory where you would like the new CMC_analogflow directory to be created. Note that expanding the .tar file will create and place files in a new directory called CMC_analogflow. You should have a directory by that name in your account before proceeding.
  3. Uncompress the file with the following Unix command: uncompress CMC_analogflow.tar.Z Extract the directory structure: tar xvf CMC_analogflow.tar
  4. Remove the original.tar file: rm CMC_analogflow.tar
  5. To meet your licensing requirements and protect your design environment, use the following Unix command to change the file access mode on your design environment so only you have read access to the files: chmod -R go-rwx CMC_analogflow The CMC_analogflow directory should now be created with the appropriate files and links required to complete the tutorial.

 Using a design example, the steps outlined in Modules 1 to 8 will take you through an analog design process, starting with a design specification and system level model of the design all the way through to physical layout. When you have completed all the design and verification steps, you will have a stream file to describe the mask layer information of your circuit. This guided process assumes that you have some knowledge of the concepts behind the steps and using CAD tools. To make the best use of this tutorial, you should be supported by a supervised educational environment and in-depth study of analog design theory and practice. Although this tutorial has been written to describe the specific steps to complete a sample design using the TSMC 0.18-micron CMOS technology (CMOSP18) available through CMC, the steps will be applicable to analog design targeting other technologies.

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All CMC Microsystem account holders with a Professor Research Subscription are authorized to access this product. Contact our Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787 for more information.

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