MATLAB/Simulink-Based FPGA Design Flow

MATLAB/Simulink-Based FPGA Design Flow
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This tutorial takes microsystem researchers and graduate students through a complete design flow process, built around MATLAB/Simulink and Xilinx System Generator tools, for use with the CMC-supported AMIRIX FPGA development platform. It includes a design example file that
implements wave-analysis techniques used in biomedical signal processing.

The selected design in this tutorial is three-level DWT decomposition and three-level interpolation architectures for neural signal detection and compression in wireless multichannel devices. This example explores the theory of discrete wavelet decomposition and reconstruction in biomedical signal processing.

The levels are implemented based on polyphase architecture. Transpose FIR filters have been used for filter implementation. Decomposition of ENG functions is developed in terms of the orthogonal Daubechies Db-4.

The proposed design is implemented and validated on the AMIRIX AP1000 FPGA prototyping station using MATLAB/Simulink and Xilinx System Generator tools.

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