Quick Start Guide: VHFAC Sample Test Code (ICI-222)

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Description of sample code for the VHFAC instrument in the FLEX tester

Quick Start Guide: VHFAC Sample Test Code (ICI-222)

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Product Description

Prepared by Dong (Hudson) An, Mixed-Signal Collaboratory Engineer, CMC Microsystems.


This sample code provides a reference design that will help users to more efficiently generate software to operate the various analytical instruments that comprise the FLEX tester.


The items available for download include:

  • quick start guide, and
  • sample test code.


Access to these items is restricted to researchers from universities that are part of the National Microelectronics and Photonics Testing Collaboratory (see the universities marked with "+" at http://www.cmc.ca/about/educational.htm)


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Introduction Date:March 16, 2010
Last Updated:November 7, 2017
Support Level:Supported
Delivery Method:CMC Download
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