CAD: The Cadence University Software

CAD: The Cadence University Software
Minimum Subscription Required:

How to access this item?

Are you an academic outside Canada who wants access to Cadence?


The Cadence University Software program includes:

  • Custom Integrated Circuits Bundle
  • Digital Integrated Circuits Bundle
  • Verification Bundle
  • Silicon Package-Board Bundle
  • Allegro/Orcad

For a complete list, refer to Cadence University Program Software Selection.


This release is intended to be installed in the Supported Technology Configuration (STC) environment supported by CMC. Only administrators of the STC disk at CMC’s member universities may obtain the software from CMC's secured doc server, and install the kit at their university.

To access Cadence, please go to


Technical Details

Software Version Cadence Academic Suite
Operating System Linux, Windows (version is tool-dependent), CMC Cloud
Bit Level 32-bit, 64-bit
Software Access
Software Access Key
Support You can get help from your STC Administrators or CMC Microsystems.


What You Get

  • Faculty with a Professor Research Subscription receive access that allows you, your students, and your research staff to access Cadence Academic Suite software.
  • Unlimited use instances per tool from the subscriber’s research team, up to the limits of the available licenses in the shared pool.
  • Access for one year 

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

  • Access is authorized within the geographic boundaries of Canada only.
  • Licenses may be used for academic research and teaching only.
  • Licenses may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Access to the software license keys is limited to faculty, their graduate students, PDFs, and research staff.
  • Any NDN university Professor Research subscriber is authorized to access this product.
  • Only users from institutions that have executed the "Letter of Consent for the Acceptance of Academic Use Software License and Maintenance Terms and Conditions " with CMC may access this design tool. Please contact our Licensing Administrator at to see if you qualify.

Contact the Licensing Administrator at 613-530-4787 or for more information.

Acknowledging CMC

If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.