Quick Start Guide: Sample Test Code for the DSSC Instrument (ICI-245)

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Introduction of the DSSC sample code

Quick Start Guide: Sample Test Code for the DSSC Instrument (ICI-245)

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Prepared by Dong (Hudson) An, Mixed-Signal Collaboratory Engineer, CMC Microsystems.


The Digital Signal Source and Capture (DSSC) instrument is a virtual test instrument built on the high-speed-digital (HSD) instrument in the FLEX tester. It is implemented by grouping a number of channels on the HSD instrument in binary format, and convert them into a single integer number. This is a much more convenient approach in modern test industry, as the state-of-the-art device-under-test (DUT) may have I/Os of more than 20 bits.


The example test program attached to this document provides the required software instructions for a loop-back test using the DSSC instrument. This sample code can be used as a template and future reference for high-speed digital tests. This document describes the functional overview of the DSSC instrument and the example test program.


The items available for download include:

  • quick start guide, and
  • sample test code.


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