User Guide: Teradyne FLEX Tester QSH Motherboard (ICI-251)

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This document introduces the QSH motherboard for the FLEX tester at the Advanced Mixed-Signal Systems Lab (AMSSL).

User Guide: Teradyne FLEX Tester QSH Motherboard (ICI-251)

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Prepared by Dong (Hudson) An, Mixed-Signal Collaboratory Engineer, CMC Microsystems.


The Advanced Mixed-Signal Systems Lab (AMSSL) provides two versions of motherboard for its core equipment, the Teradyne FLEX tester. The QSH motherboard has Samtec QSH-090 connectors on top, which can propagate signals with stringent quality requirement. A user can design a custom printed circuit board (PCB) as the daughter card for his device-under-test (DUT). This daughter card should have the Samtec QTH-090 connectors to mate with the QSH-090 connectors.


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