Design Methodology Kit: Cadence Analog/Mixed Signal (AMS) Design Flows

Design Methodology Kit: Cadence Analog/Mixed Signal (AMS) Design Flows
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The Cadence AMS Methodology is based on the Cadence tool suite and is a package containing a number of elements, including the following:

  • Cadence generic libraries (including layout files)
  • Reference designs
  • 1000+ pages in documentation, split up into 15 modules covering the Analog block authoring, digital block authoring, and mixed signal integration process
  • Embedded in the above documentation is also a step-by-step tutorial detailing the use of the Cadence tools for designing and simulating the individual blocks and complete mixed signal design.

The kit covers the design concepts for analog and digital block authoring, and overall mixed signal design, based on the Cadence design environment.

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To receive access the requesting faculty member must signed the attached Cadence AMS Terms Usage Agreement and return to Access instructions will then be provided.

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