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The AC/DC Module sets the stage for the simulation and modeling the performance of resistors, capacitors, inductors, coils, motors and sensors. Although these devices are principally characterized  by electromagnetics, they are also influenced by other types of physics. Thermal effects, for instance, can change electrical properties of materials, while electromechanical deflections due to electrostatic attraction or magnetic fields needs to be fully understood during any device process.

With functionality designed for the needs of the electrical and electromechanical engineer, that capabilities of the AC/DC Module span electrostatic magneto static, and low frequency, electromagnetic phenomena, with unlimited couplings to other physics.

When considering your electrical components as part of a larger system, the AC/DC Module also lets you couple your component-level finite element model to a SPICE model of a complete electrical system. You can extend your analysis by running a single simulation of a mixed system of lumped and high-fidelity models.

Note: To use any of the COMSOL Modules, a COMSOL Multiphysics Base License pass is required. All module software is included with the COMSOL Multiphysics download file, which means you need to download only once.

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  • Access for one year 
  • Acceptance of the vendor licenses terms, including the Academic Addendum, on first use.

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