Fixture: CMC Interface Board for iNEMO

Fixture: CMC Interface Board for iNEMO
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The STMicroelectronics (ST) inertial module (iNEMO) is a combination of multiple MEMS sensors in a unique inertial measurement unit (IMU) completed by an embedded sensor fusion algorithm that provides 3D space orientation. Because the onboard sensors use most of the ports on the microcontroller, to extend the use of the iNEMO platform to more applications, additional connectivity is needed. CMC has designed a serial peripheral interface (SPI) extension board that expands the platform’s connectivity via its SPI interface on the extended connector.

This product is intended for researchers who need additional connectivity including A/D and DC/DC voltage conversion as well as a GPIO interface to iNEMO or other SPI-master devices. There are three application notes available that document the use of iNEMO with this development board and its related toolchain.

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