CAD: COMSOL - Wave Optics Module

CAD: COMSOL - Wave Optics Module
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The Wave Optics Module provides dedicated tools for electromagnetic wave propagation in linear and nonlinear optical media for accurate component simulation and design optimization. The innovative Beam Envelopes Method for electromagnetic full-wave propagation overcomes the need for traditional approximations, by directing discretization of Maxwell’s equations. Here, the electric field is expressed as the product of a slowly varying envelope function and a rapidly varying exponential phase function. This allows for accurate simulation of optically large systems where the geometric dimensions can be much larger than the wavelength, and where light waves cannot be approximated with rays. The conventional electromagnetic full-wave propagation methods, also featured in the module, are complemented by the Beam Envelopes Method.

Support for generic anisotropic refractive index, permittivity, or permeability tensors allows for the simulation of wave propagation through optical media that includes gyromagnetic materials or metamaterials with engineered properties. Several 2D and 3D formulations are available in the Wave Optics Module for eigenfrequency mode analysis, frequency-domain, and time-domain electromagnetic simulation.

Additional Features

  • Floquet-periodic structures with higher-order diffraction modes
  • Complex-valued spatially varying material models
  • Perfectly-matched layers (PMLs)
  • Port and scattering boundary conditions
  • S-parameter computations
  • The best solvers available
  • Straightforward to simulate optical sensors, metamaterials, optical fibers, bidirectional couplers, plasmonic devices, nonlinear optical processes in photonics, and laser beam propagation
Note: To use any of the COMSOL Modules, a COMSOL Multiphysics Base License pass is required. All module software is included with the COMSOL Multiphysics download file, which means you need to download only once.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

  • Access is authorized within the geographic boundaries of Canada only.
  • Use of this design tool is restricted to university research only.
  • Faculty with a Professor Research Subscription receive access that allows you, your students, and your research staff to access COMSOL software.
  • Five concurrent use instances per tool from the subscriber’s research team, up to the limits of the available licenses in the shared pool.
  • Access for one year 
  • Acceptance of the vendor licenses terms, including the Academic Addendum, on first use.

For more information, contact the Licensing Administrator at or call 613-530-4787.

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