Fixture: MEMS Interface Board for MIP and Smart-Fixture

Fixture: MEMS Interface Board for MIP and Smart-Fixture
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This is a PCB Fixture Interface Board that connects to the Microsystems Integration Platform (MIP), 7854R, MEMs variant, and the National Instruments Single Board RIO (sbRIO-9636) for PGA68 packaged designs.

This test fixture was designed with the MEMs researcher using the Microsystems Integration Platform. It allows for both benchtop tests with the MIP development system and the National Instruments Single-Board RIO-9636 for field testing. Because the software environment remains LabVIEW, the research only needs to retarget and optimize their design to move from the benchtop MIP to the compact sbRIO. No new programming knowledge is required and the physical test fixture remains the same on the bench or in the field.

This fixture comes with a daughterboard suitable for PGA68 packaged devices and can be redesigned for different styles of packages.

PCB design files available on request.

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