Design Kit: Siemens Pyxis for the Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) Silicon Photonics Fabrication Process

Design Kit: Siemens Pyxis for the Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) Silicon Photonics Fabrication Process

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This product includes the following:

  • Process Design Kit (PDK)—confidential, designed for Siemens Pyxis for the Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) General-Purpose process. This PDK includes
    • a complete process layer definition,
    • an updated integrated Calibre Design Rule Check (DRC) to verify a design against the process specifications,
    • a library of standard components and documentation, which includes new version of AMF Silicon verified Black Box Cells and Basic cells, as well as old IME cells (for reference only).
    • CMC PCells for layout editing.
  • PDK User Guide—confidential, provides instructions for installing and configuring the PDK for Siemens Pyxis for the AMF General-Purpose process. It describes these tasks:
    1. Installation
    2. Project Manager Operation
    3. Layout Operation
    4. Running a Design Rule Check
    5. Exporting/Importing GDS Files
    6. Fracturing
  • CMC Pcells User Guide—covers
    • PCell placement on a layout
    • PCell names
    • PCell parameters
  • VCL CMC Cloud User Guide—provides instructions for using pre-installed PDK in VCL CMC Cloud. It describes the following steps:
    1. Logging in to the VCL CMC Cloud
    2. Creating a layout in the Siemens Pyxis tool
    3. Running Design Rule Check
    4. Exporting a layout
    5. Transferring the design file between VCL CMC Cloud and user’s local desktop

Note: If you use VCL CMC Cloud, you do not need to download and install the PDK because it is pre-installed for you.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

Access to the PDK and the User Guide is restricted to CMC Microsystems account holders whose organization has a non-disclosure agreement with CMC. The user is bound to maintain in strict confidence the AMF technology information received from CMC. For more information, contact the Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787.

Acknowledging CMC

If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.