User Guide: WirelessHART Testbed for Industrial Process Automation Systems (ICI-336)

User Guide: WirelessHART Testbed for Industrial Process Automation Systems (ICI-336)
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Prepared by Quan Wang (Western University), Peng Hu (CMC Microsystems), Ataul Bari and Jianping Ma (both from Western University); supervised by Prof. Jin Jiang (Western University).

In this guide we develop an Industrial Wireless Sensor Network (IWSN) testbed based on the Wireless Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (WirelessHART) standard with industrial-grade devices. This document describes the important elements of the testbed system, such as system architecture, system setup, interface to transducers, and remote data access technology.

This testbed is deployed at Western University on the Nuclear Power Plant Process Control Test Facility (NPCTF) which can simulate industrial control processes in several applications including a nuclear power plant (NPP). The testbed can support various research areas, such as advanced control, wireless sensor networks, fault diagnostics, smart sensors, and passive safety.

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