CAD: Mentor Graphics Silicon Photonics for Industrial Access


The Commercial Mentor Graphics Tool Suite for Silicon Photonics includes:

  • IC Nanometer Design Package—a suite for the design, capture, layout, and verification of silicon photonics circuits including: ADiT™, ELDO®, Questa™ ADMS, Pyxis™, and Calibre®
Also includes:
  • A web browser, a PDF reader and a text editor, all native.
  • Internet access for uploading/downloading files.
  • A user guide with instructions for reserving and running these CAD tools.


This suite is available as an CMC Cloud Design Environment. Access to and use of process design kits (PDK's) with these tools must be made by separate arrangement. Contact us for details.

Technical Details

Software Version Mentor Graphics IC Nanometer Design Package, current release
Operating System Linux
Bit Level 64-bit
Software Access Through the CMC Cloud
Support By special arrangement with CMC Microsystems' staff


What You Get

  • A user guide.
  • Secure data storage and account back-up is available.
  • Access is for the account rental period only.



User Guide: not available via general download. Once you have made arrangements for access, contact us to obtain a copy.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

Licenses may be used for commercial purposes only. For more information, contact Mr. Ray Filteau at 613-530-4789 or

Term of Use

  1. Company’s use of the Software is conditional upon Company’s execution of a Software Access Agreement (provided upon issuance of a quotation). Each user of the software must have an active account with CMC Microsystems in order to access documentation, request engineering support and obtain a software license.
  2. Two (2) designs can be created, and may include process control monitors.
  3. The designs must be fabricated through CMC's MPW service.
  4. The designs will be fabricated in prototype quantities, on up to two (2) separate fabrication runs. For clarity, the second run is available for the fabrication of a modified version of the initial designs (Company may not utilize the second fabrication run to have new designs fabricated).
  5. After the second fabrication run, Company’s access to the Software will terminate. Thereafter, if Company wishes to continue to use Mentor Graphics software, Company will be required to contact Mentor Graphics to purchase software licenses.

Acknowledging CMC

If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.