Fab: Open-Gate Silicon JFET (OG Si-JFET)


Silicon Junction Field Effect Transistors are fabricated at 3IT.Nano and delivered with an open upper gate for integration of solution-processed functional materials. The platform is useful for the study and optimization of novel hybrid material systems in silicon and the realization of high-performance CMOS-compatible detectors.


  • Upper JFET gates open to ambient, ready for post-processing
  • Micro-sized, high mobility (µ > 100 cm2/Vs), low-voltage silicon JFET
  • Die size 14 mm × 16 mm (baseline process for use with optional test fixture); minimum size 5 mm x 5 mm


Note:The expected number of chips to be delivered for this technology is multiples of 5 (for baseline process and die size 14 mm × 16 mm).


Process Summary

  • 4-mask process on epitaxial Si with 5 µm feature size
  • Front- and back-side Boron ion implantation
  • Aluminum-silicon metallization
  • SiN passivation
  • Backside gate


Example Applications

  • Optical detection using quantum dots, perovskites, nanostructured semiconductors, organic molecules and polymers
  • Biomarker detection using immobilized probes



  • Cloud design environment (includes process design documents, layout template, reference design and simulation for IR light detector using quantum dots)
  • Test fixture with ports for optical input and gas ambient control
  • DRC and engineering support for OG Si-JFET design
  • Sub-dicing (optional)


Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

Use of design materials is subject to the usage terms and conditions set out in the License Grant.

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