Design Kit: Interposer Platform PDK for 2.5D Integration

Design Kit: Interposer Platform PDK for 2.5D Integration
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Cost-effective, fast-turnaround manufacturing platform for 2.5D integration of heterogeneous chip technologies in a compact form factor. Supported by a comprehensive environment for design, manufacturing, and test of physical prototypes. Amenable to laboratory testability and field-trial demonstration. Developed in partnership with Innotime Technologies Inc.


  • 400-μm thick silicon substrate with array of silver-filled Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) connecting top and bottom metal layers
  • 3 customizable metal redistribution layers (RDLs) to route electrical signals between flip-chipped or wire-bonded die as well as off-the-shelf components such as SMT, SOIC or CSP
  • ​Bottom metal layer can be used for routing or for mounting a standard ball grid contact array (BGA).

Design Environment

  • Tanner L-Edit/S-Edit tools for design entry
  • PDK supports standard design components and primitives, design and verification tasks (e.g., auto-routing, LVS and DRC) and output file formats such as GSDII for hand-off to manufacturing.
  • Library of design footprints for adding off-the-shelf components
  • Designers can quickly and easily place custom and/or off-the- shelf components on the interposer TSV array and customize the routing of electronics signals between the components and through to the back side BGA layer.

Test and Validation Infrastructure

  • Prototypes can be mounted on breakout boards or ZIF sockets for interfacing to test equipment or hardware such as FPGA boards for device and system test, characterization and application development.
  • Test and programmable hardware available through CMC Equipment Pool for short-term access.
  • A test chip and test report demonstrates key parameters and operating constraints for this technology.

Available Now

  • PDK V2.1
  • User Guide
  • Reference designs and training materials
  • Tanner L-Edit/S-Edit design tools
  • Engineering support

Coming Soon

  • Interposer Manufacturing Service

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

All CMC Microsystem account holders with a Professor Research Subscription are authorized to access this technology. Contact our Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787 for more information.

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