Download: ANSYS 2019R2 Campus Solutions, for Windows 64-bit

Download: ANSYS 2019R2 Campus Solutions, for Windows 64-bit
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The ANSYS Campus Solutions bundle provides access to the majority of offered ANSYS software, including but not limited to Fluent, HFSS, Maxwell, Mechanical APDL, SpaceClaim, RedHawk, PowerArtist and IcePak. It provides simulation capabilities for structures, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, explicit dynamics, electromagnetics and multiphysics solvers, ANSYS Workbench, CAD import tools, solid modeling, 3-D full wave electromagnetic fields (frequency and time domain), power and signal integrity, 2/3-D parasitic extraction tools & solvers, high performance shared & distributed memory (HPC) solvers, advanced meshing, and post-processing features.

For more information on what is included in this bundle, please refer to the ANSYS Academic Features Product Table.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

All CMC Microsystems Canadian Academic account holders from a member university with a subscription are authorized to access this product. For more information, contact the Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787.

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If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.