Model Libraries: Modelithics EXEMPLAR Simulation Models

Model Libraries: Modelithics EXEMPLAR Simulation Models
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The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library is a collection of highly accurate and feature-rich RF & Microwave simulation models. The EXEMPLAR Library is compatible with various EDA software tools, including Ansys® HFSS™, Keysight ADS and Genesys. All models are created using rigorous and consistent measurement techniques. EXEMPLAR is designed to include all models needed to run the many example tutorial projects available on the Modelithics website.

Each model includes measurement validation and a complete detailed datasheet. Many models also include part value and pad area scaling. Depending on device type, temperature dependence and frequency/time domain validation may also be included.

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Download File Contents

  •, includes:
    • Setup_COMPLETEv19.7_Genesys.exe
    • Setup_EXEMPLARv20.5_ADS.exe
    • Setup_EXEMPLARv20.4_HFSS.exe
  •, includes:

Additional Info

The EXEMPLAR Library is a representative subset (about 15%) of all models available in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™, which contains passive CLR component and filter models, non-linear transistor and diode models, the Modelithics SUBSTRATE Library, and more. For additional details on the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, contact


  • Active and passive components
  • Commercial vendor parts
  • Values verified by measurement


  • Test boards
  • Fixturing
  • Product Integration

Example Projects in Modelithics EXEMPLAR

  • Part Value Tuning
  • Part Value Optimization
  • Substrate Scaling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Varying Bias Simulations
  • Power Sweep
  • Varying Temperature Simulations
  • Harmonic Balance
  • Noise Parameters
  • 1/f Noise
  • 2-Tone Intermodulation
  • Load Pull Simulations
  • Amplifier Model Simulations
  • Filter Model Simulations
  • Resonator Simulations
  • Transformer Simulations


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Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

To access the Modelithics EXEMPLAR libraries, download the Modelithics University Request Form and email a signed copy to Access will be provided once confirmation from Modelithics staff is received. Contact our Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787 for more information.

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