QSciTech-QuantumBC Virtual Workshop, Option 1

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With support from CMC Microsystems, the IBM Q Hub at Institut Quantique and the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, Quantum BC and QSciTech invite you to join a virtual workshop taking place from July 19 to 30, 2021. The workshop will teach participants how to design, fabricate, and test their own superconducting circuits. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of superconductors and Josephson junctions, and how to design circuits such as resonators, SQUIDs, analog to digital converters and qubits. Students will brainstorm with researchers at leading Canadian universities and industry to pitch their device ideas and use IBM Qiskit Metal software and CMC-provided design tools to submit devices for fabrication by a foundry facilitated by CMC. Most participants will test their chips in a 4K probe station at one of the universities, or with a dilution refrigerator already available for those students pursuing a Ph.D. in experimental quantum information science.