MEMS Make Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: Gold Stud Bump Flip Chip Assembly of a Micromirror Device This application note demonstrates a flip-chip-based post processing fabrication technique for micromirror devices manufactured by the MEMSCAP MUMPs services available through CMC Microsystems.
Application Note: Packaging and Integration of a Handheld MEMS-Based Laser Display This application note describes the packaging and integration of a handheld laser display device using a MEMS micromirror.
Application Note: Packaging of MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors for Harsh Environments This application note describes a robust packaging method for MEMS-based piezoresistive pressure sensors for applications of high-temperature and harsh environments found in industrial kraft pulp digesters.
Application Note: MEMS Packaging Using Flexible Printed Circuit Boards This application note describes wire bonding and flip-chip techniques developed for assembling MEMS devices on flexible PCBs.
Application note: Magnetically Actuated MultiMEMS Micromirror with Piezoresistive Tilting Angle Monitoring Description of a magnetically actuated micromirror, fabricated using the Sensonor MultiMEMS multi-project wafer (MPW) process
Application Note: MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for High-Temperature Applications Description of a highly sensitive piezoresistive pressure sensor developed for use in high-temperature applications
Application Note: Using Thermal Actuators with a Lever Mechanism Description of using thermal actuators with a lever mechanism to augument displacement
Application Note: How to Create Three-Dimensional Micromachined Structures Using Grey Scale Masks Description of a common approach to create gray scale masks: the clustered-dot-ordered-dither (CDOD) method
Application Note: Using Bent-Bridges to Eliminate the Galvanic Effect in the Manufacture of MEMS Devices Description of the use of a bent-bridge method to temporarily ground the device to the substrate during fabrication
Application Note: Ansys Macro For Electrostatic Micromotor Design and Optimization Description of an ANSYS-based macro that automates the design of electrostatic micromotors with a rotor-to-stator pole ratio of 2:3