Microelectronics Test Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: Setting up AeroTech ARMS-200 and Soloist HLe This note describes the setup required to operate the AeroTech ARMS200 Rotary Motion Simulator and Soloist-HLe controller.
Application Note: Temperature Imaging of Small Objects with Keysight U5855A TrueIR Thermal Imager This application note demonstrates how a Keysight U5855A TrueIR Thermal Imager can be used to characterize electromagnetic modes within aqueous dielectric objects.
Application Note: Connecting LabVIEW to an Agilent Spectrum Analyzer and Configuring the Setup for Automated Measurement This application note describes the general steps to build an automated test setup using LabVIEW. LabVIEW is one of the best options for instrument control.
Application Note: Specifying Probes and Probe Cards for Microelectronic and Opto-electronic Testing of Integrated Circiuts An application note that is a reference for subscribers embarking upon chip testing, using a simple method for specifying a probe, wedge probe or probe card per manufacturer's requirements.
Application Note: Noise Figure Measurement at Millimeter Wave Range of Frequency This application note provides a general overview of noise figure measurements at mm-wave range of frequencies using a low frequency noise figure analyzer and a downconverting harmonic mixer.
Application Note: On-Wafer Measurement at mm-Wave Range of Frequency Vector Network Analyzer characterization of active devices at mm-wave frequencies. These bands are beyond the baseband range of measurement equipment and require the use of up- and down-converting source extension modules.
Application Note: Using MATLAB for Automated Measurement Setups This application note describes the general steps to build an automated test setup using MATLAB. MATLAB is one of the best options for post-processing of measured data.
Application Note: Extracting Models of a Capacitive or Inductive Discontinuity on Transmission Lines Using Tektronix TDS8000 Oscilloscope This application note describes how to use the built-in functions of the Tektronix TDS8000 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope to extract approximate models of capacitive or inductive discontinuities on a transmission line.
Application Note: Bit Error Rate Testing of an Optical Receiver Using the Centellax TG1B1-A Overview of the principals of bit error rate testing and describes an example of a test tool available through the CMC lending pool for bit error rate testing in a representative microsystems application
Application Note: Using MATLAB to Generate Pattern Files for Mixed-Signal and Digital Tests on Teradyne FLEX Tester This application note describes the procedures to generate pattern files using MATLAB software for mixed-signal and digital tests on the Teradyne FLEX tester.
Application Note: Using Kelvin Connection to Avoid Test Errors on Teradyne FLEX Tester The concept of the Kelvin Connection and its use to avoid test errors on Teradyne FLEX tester caused by parasitic resistance inherent in printed circuit board (PCB) traces
Application Note: Allegro Design Flow Integration in Device Under Test Board Design A method of modeling and verifying the performance of high-speed electrical traces on a printed circuit board (PCB) used as a test interface to a digital microelectronic device
Application Note: Defining and Generating Arbitrary Waveforms Using Fluke 294 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Description of using software to generate desired waveforms
Application Note: How to Migrate HDL Design to ATE Test Plan Quickly and Efficiently - the V93K_TestGenerator Tool Description of migrating HDL design to ATE test plan using V93K_TestGenerator tool.
Application Note: Measuring DC-Gain of an Open-Loop Amplifier A test setup to measure the DC-gain of an open-loop amplifier
Application Note: Generating and Digitizing M-PSK and M-QAM Waveforms Using Verigy 93000 Automatic Test Equipment Description of using Verigy 93000 (93K) SOC Series Tester to perform baseband integrated circuit testing
Application Note: DSP-Based Multi-Tone Testing for a Sampled Analog Channel Demonstration of using automated-test-equipment (ATE) to perform DSP-based test for mixed-signal microelectronic circuits or microsystems