Microfluidics Make Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: Fluorinated Silica Nanoparticles for Enhanced Hydrophobic Coatings on Droplet-Based Microfluidic Devices This app note investigated several superhydrophobic coating processes based on fluorinated silica nanoparticles and their use in digital microfluidics.
Application Note: Immunostaining and Electrochemical Sensing of Cancer Cells This application note described the detailed fabrication steps of a new electrochemical sensor for detecting cancer cells. The bio-assay preparation and some measurement results of the sensor are also presented.
Application Note: Electrochemical Cell Lysis of Mammalian Cells in a Microfluidic Channel Electrochemical Cell Lysis of Mammalian Cells in a Microfluidic Channel.
Application Note: Multiple Electrospray from a Custom-Designed Polycarbonate Microstructured Fiber A novel method to realize nanoelectrospray by using custom-made microstructured polymer optical fiber
Application Note: Using Nanosphere Lithography to Fabricate Nanoparticle Arrays for Plasmonic Applications Description of a method for the fabrication of patterned nanoparticle arrays to be used for exhibiting Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR)
Application Note: A Method for Re-Use of Microfluidic Devices Description of a four-step technique for re-using clogged microfluidic devices
Application Note: Conditioning and Rejuvenating Glass Microfluidic Devices for Electrophoresis A summary of techniques for conditioning and rejuvenating glass microfluidic devices for capillary electrophoresis: rinsing and heating
Application Note: PDMS Connectors for Interfacing to Microfluidic Devices Description of a technique to link microfluidic devices with standard fluidic equipment
Application Note: Reservoirs Compatible with Organic Solvents for Glass Microfluidic Chips Description of a technique to easily and inexpensively resolve the problem of introducing organic solvents into microfluidic devices
Application Note: Fluid Containment Techniques For An IC-Based Lab-On-A-Chip Description of four methods of creating encapsulated fluid-containment cells on silicon-based integrated circuits (ICs)
Application Note: Use of MF12-2 Custom Test Fixture to Achieve Non-Traditional Test Structures in Microfluidics Description of a custom designed test fixture for non-traditional testing of a microfluidics chip