Photonics Test Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: Estimating Gain Spectrum in Multi-Quantum-well Fabry-Pérot Laser Diodes below Threshold The application note describes the procedure for obtaining the material gain spectrum of Fabry Pérot (FP) semiconductor lasers.
Application Note: Bit Error Rate Testing of an Optical Receiver Using the Centellax TG1B1-A Overview of the principals of bit error rate testing and describes an example of a test tool available through the CMC lending pool for bit error rate testing in a representative microsystems application
Application Note: Flow Injection Analysis System for Use in Spectroscopic Characterization of Photonic Devices in a Microfluidic Environment Description of a comprehensive flow injection analysis (FIA) system used for testing and characterization of photonic biosensors in a microfluidic environment
Application Note: Optical Spectrum Analysis: Test Equipment at Advanced Photonic Systems Lab (APSL) Description and comparison of different optical instruments available for use in the APSL at Queen's University
Application Note: Characterization of a Quantum-Dash Fabry-Perot Laser for Clock Recovery Applications Detailed description of the experimental setup and procedures for characterizing an edge-emitting quantum-dash Fabry-Perot (QD-FP) laser for optical clock recovery applications
Application Note: Preparing and Using the Optical Probe Arm for Vertical Optical Coupling The procedure for preparing and using the SUSS MicroTec optical (or, lightwave) probe arm assembly for vertical optical coupling
Application Note: Laser Diode Testing: L-I-V Curves Introduction to L-I-V laser diode testing available at the APSL at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario
Application Note: Specifying Probes and Probe Cards for Microelectronic and Opto-electronic Testing of Integrated Circiuts An application note that is a reference for subscribers embarking upon chip testing, using a simple method for specifying a probe, wedge probe or probe card per manufacturer's requirements.