CAD Tool Tutorials

Name Summary
Tutorial: Primer for Digital and Mixed Signal Microsystem Verification Flow (ICI-356) This primer provides a comprehensive and scripted verification environment for Cadence simulation tools, which can easily be integrated into or expanded with a design flow
Tutorial: MEMS Pro

The tutorial includes a basic introduction to MEMS, and the principal issues to achieve a system-level design that integrates the MEMS component with IC electronics using MEMS Pro.

Tutorial: Getting Started with Cadence, Part 1 Information for the users to get acquainted with the basic tools of Cadence
Tutorial: Getting Started with Cadence, Part 2: Layout and Layout Simulation Description of using the Cadence tools for layout and layout simulation
MEMS Pro Training Materials Step-by-step training manual for MEMS Pro version 8.0 and 8.2, detailing basic use, and two design example (Tunable Filter and RF Switch)