Account Frequently Asked Questions



Who can have a CMC Account?

Why should I Get an Account?

  • The Sign In requirement enables CMC to control access to materials with different levels of security and ensure continued delivery of appropriate microsystem research capability for researchers across Canada. 

Why should I complete 'My Account Details' and have a CMC-registered Account?

  • CMC-registration is an account validation step that allows us to inform you what products you are eligible to access and which price discounts you are entitled to; it facilitates technology support requests (reduces processing delays) and applications for resource competitions.

How long does it take to receive approval for a CMC-registered Account?

  • We will make every effort to confirm your eligibility within one business day. In some cases more time may be needed. 
  • Students, university research and technical staff please note:
    Your faculty supervisor approves your CMC-registered Account. Faculty supervisors are required to have a CMC Account in order to manage your status.


Your profile as a registered client will be added to our database. All information in CMC Microsystems' database is confidential and will not be shared without your prior consent.