Authoring Flow for Soft IP Blocks

Authoring Flow for Soft IP Blocks
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The flow deals with the three types of IP block domains that are recognized by the VSI Alliance: soft, firm and hard. This release, V1.1, deals with block authoring for digital, soft IP blocks only.

It includes:

  1. A document on the steps involved in the block authoring flow for soft IP blocks,
  2. Diagrams illustrating the flow,
  3. A design example that CMC has created for use in the CMC-supported authoring flow. The design example is a UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) that is designed to be a soft IP block that resides on the perhipheral bus of an ARM AMBA SOC environment,
  4. A document providing CMC's Naming Convention Standard for Soft IP Blocks,
  5. A document on CMC's Recommended Description of Soft IP Blocks.

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