Design Kit: AMS 0.35 µm CMOS Process Design Kit

Design Kit: AMS 0.35 µm CMOS Process Design Kit
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CMC offers access to the design kit for austriamicrosystems (AMS) 0.35µm CMOS technology and fabrication through Circuits Multi Projets (CMP). This design kit now contains analog libraries from AMS, which include blocks such as A/D converters, bias cells, comparators, amplifiers, analog pads and I/O cells.

The technology is available with a range of options, making it suitable for:

  • Imaging and optoelectronic detection
  • High-voltage operation (maximum 20V gate, 50V operating voltage)
  • Bulk micromachining of MEMS structures
  • Mixed-signal designs
  • High-speed digital circuits
  • Potential applications include:
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Automotive and environmental sensors

Cadence is the primary supported CAD tool.

Process Description

This 0.35µm CMOS technology offers four metal layers, an anti-reflective coating and high-efficiency photodiodes, digital standard cells, and bulk micromachining. CMC is supporting three flavours of the AMS 0.35-µm CMOS technology:

A bulk-micromachining option is available for the basic/opto processes, allowing monolithic implementation of MEMS and microelectronics.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

Additional licensing agreements are required. Please contact for assistance.

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