Tutorial Guide: Xilinx Kernel (Xilkernel) (ICI-310)

Tutorial Guide: Xilinx Kernel (Xilkernel) (ICI-310)
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This tutorial is intended to familiarize programmers with Xilinx Kernel (Xilkernel) which supports basic Real Time Operating System (RTOS) services on Xilinx FPGA embedded designs. Xilkernel allows programmers to split the application into different tasks and time-share those tasks to meet the required performance.

The services provided by Xilkernel include inter-process communication (IPC), scheduling policy, synchronization services (semaphores and mutex), software timers, and dynamic buffer pool memory allocation. These services could be very useful for higher level services such as networking, video, and audio applications that are time critical.

This tutorial and the reference design illustrate these features of Xilkernel:

  • Thread creation and handling,
  • Inter-Process Communication (IPC),
  • Different types of scheduling algorithms, and
  • Software timers.

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