Tutorial: Digital IC Design Flow (ICI-134)

Tutorial: Digital IC Design Flow (ICI-134)
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The purpose of CMC’s Digital IC Design Flow Tutorial is to:
  • Help take users who are familiar with either Verilog or VHDL through the beginning-to-end process of digital IC design, with the goal to fabricate the design (i.e., a complete flow from VHDL/Verilog to full layout, ready for the foundry). The emphasis of the tutorial is tool use and design flow.
  • Give users a starting point from which they can proceed to more complex usage of each tool.

The tutorial describes how to perform a step, not why.

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All CMC Microsystem account holders with a Professor Research Subscription are authorized to access this product. For more information contact the Licesing Administrator at licensing@cmc.ca or 613-530-4787.

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