Application Note: Fault Diagnosis Using the WirelessHART Testbed

Application Note: Fault Diagnosis Using the WirelessHART Testbed
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Prepared by Jianping Ma, Ph.D Candidate, under the supervision of Dr. Jin Jiang, both from Western University; in co-operation with CMC Microsystems.

This app note describes how to use the WirelessHART testbed system developed by the CMC and Western University project team to collect process measurement data and perform the fault diagnosis on the Nuclear power plant Process Control Test Facility (NPCTF) in the Control, Instrumentation & Electrical System (CIES) lab at Western University. The measurements are subsequently processed by a pattern classification model to diagnose six fault scenarios that can be physically simulated using the NPCTF. The experiments demonstrate that the WirelessHART system can be effectively used to collect data to diagnose of all the faults that can happen in the physical system.

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