Tutorial: Primer for Digital and Mixed Signal Microsystem Verification Flow (ICI-356)

Tutorial: Primer for Digital and Mixed Signal Microsystem Verification Flow (ICI-356)
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Prepared by Marc-André Tétrault, Eng., Ph.D., Medical Instrumentation and Embedded Systems Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke.

This primer provides a comprehensive and scripted verification environment for Cadence simulation tools, which can easily be integrated into or expanded with a digital or mixed-signal design flow.

The training material includes a mid-complexity design to demonstrate various verification methodologies such as functional simulation, system verilog assertions, random stimulus generation and functional coverage. The progressive exploration of the environment will help you identify how to adapt the scripts to an original project and to local tool installations. Furthermore, after completing the primer, you will understand the purpose and use model of high-level verification management tools and have access to reports indicating how well a design is verified prior to tape-out.

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