CMC Research Workshop - Lab2Fab 2017: Integration for Innovation

CMC Research Workshop - Lab2Fab 2017: Integration for Innovation
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The Lab2Fab bi-annual meeting provides a platform for industry, academic-based fabrication and characterization centres, and government labs to collaborate in overcoming their R&D challenges. Our goal is to help all parties build their capacity and expertise to increase Canadian competitiveness in manufacturing of microsystems and nanotechnology innovations. Lab2Fab 2017 was co-hosted by: 3IT, 4D LABS, nanoFAB, GCM Lab, TNFC, and CMC Microsystems in Montréal and Bromont QC, September 2017. See full program: 

Special thanks to sponsors: Heidelberg Instruments | Neutronix (NxQ) | NanoCanada 


Speaker presentations include:

  • Session 1 - Innovating at nanofabrication labs
    • Loïck-Alexandre Gautier, PRIMA QUÉBEC, Discovering Quebec’s R&D Infrastructure : Cutting-edge equipment and expertise at your service 
    • Oliver Brand, Georgia Institute of Technology, NNCI: an NSF-funded Nanotechnology Lab Network in the US 
    • Hooman Hosseinkhannazer, Norcada, From ideation to commercialization in open fabs
  • Session 2 - Positioning for commercialization and scale-up
    • Chris Ouslis, NRC-IRAP, Commercializing connections between digital and reality 
    • Christine Alain, INO (National Optics Institute), INO: A Bridge to Cross the Valley of Death 
    • Lukas Chrostowski, University of British Columbia, A Canadian Silicon Photonics Foundary
  • Session 3 - R&D Challenges: stories from the trenches (Pitches)
    • Gordon Harling, InnoTime Technologies, Silicon Interposer Future Enhancements 
    • Dino Deligiannis, Intlvac Thin Film, Industrial R&D Gets a Bad Rap in Canada 
    • Hassan Nojoumi, Shimifrez, Industry trends and needs of Precision Photo Etching and Photo Electro-forming 
    • Behraad Bahreyni, Simon Fraser University, Employing the Canadian Infrastructure for Microsystems for Advanced Research and Path to Commercialization 
    • Oliver Brand, Georgia Institute of Technology, Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology, Integrated Chemical Microsensors: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Session 4 - Bridging discovery to production
    • Alan Renaudin, C2MI, Accelerating commercialization of next-generation electronic products
    • Ken Brizel, ACAMP, Opportunities for taking prototypes to production
  • Session 5 - Strategies for achieving high-value outcomes 
    • Daniel Sinai, IBM Canada, Development of Demand Based Innovation Ecosystems in Canada  
    • Dan Gale, CMC Microsystems, MNT readiness: explore, integrate, escalate

Special thanks to the Steering Committee members:

  • Vincent Aimez | Université de Sherbrooke | 3IT
  • Neil Branda | Simon Fraser University | 4D LABS
  • Eric Flaim | University of Alberta | nanoFAB
  • Martin Giguère | Polytechnique Montréal | GCM Lab
  • Wai Tung Ng | University of Toronto | TNFC
  • Andrew Fung | CMC Microsystems
  • Dan Gale | CMC Microsystems 

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