Research Summaries: CNDN Designs Fabricated Through CMC in 2016-17

Research Summaries: CNDN Designs Fabricated Through CMC in 2016-17
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Complimentary with a CMC Account - - This document provides information about the research activities which have taken advantage of the fabrication services offered by CMC Microsystems during fiscal year 2016-17 (April 2016 - March 2017). It provides a view into the prototyping activities of researchers in Canadian post-secondary institutions – often in the context of applications and solving problems.
  • During this period, academic projects included 335 designs fabricated for 125 professors, 350 graduate students, and 50 other researchers (e.g., Post-doctoral Fellows) from 25 Canadian institutions.
Looking for an academic collaborator? If you are interested in the designs, we encourage you to contact the researchers directly, or CMC Microsystems, Pat Botsford.

Table of Contents

Micro- Nanoelectronics

  • 28-nanometre (FD-SOI) CMOS
  • 65-nanometre CMOS
  • 130-nanometre CMOS
  • 180-nanometre CMOS
  • 350-nanometre CMOS  
  • Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC)


  • III-V Epitaxy
  • Silicon Photonics - Active Silicon on Insulator (SOI) including Active SOI Course Designs
  • Silicon Photonics - Passive Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Course Designs


  • MetalMUMPs
  • PiezoMUMPs
  • PolyMUMPs
  • MicraGEM-Si™
  • MEMS Integrated Design for Inertial Sensors (MIDIS™) Platform

Micro- Nano- Technology (MNT) Fabrication

  • Examples of Canada's National Design Network projects utilizing Canadian Micro- Nano- Technology (MNT) fabrication facilities. Categories: Characterization, MEMS, Microelectronics, Microfluidics, Micromachining, Nanotechnology, and Photonics


Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise without the prior consent of CMC Microsystems. This publication reports and interprets data and news obtained by CMC Microsystems from sources thought to be reliable, but CMC Microsystems makes no warranty as to the accuracy and completeness.

Acknowledging CMC

If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.