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Application Note: A Design Methodology for the Implementation of Embedded Vehicle Navigation Systems The design of a navigation system that integrates a GPS and an INS on an FPGA
Application Note: A Method for Re-Use of Microfluidic Devices Description of a four-step technique for re-using clogged microfluidic devices
Application Note: A Novel Multi-electrical Channel Manipulation and Detection Platform for Microfluidic Applications This application note presents a novel multi-electrical channel manipulation and detection (MECMD) platform.
Application Note: A Procedure for Mounting Loose Integrated Circuit Die on a Non-Conductive Glass Substrate Description of a technique for directly mounting loose integrated circuit (IC) die on a non-conductive glass surface
Application Note: Adding Custom Peripheral to Embedded FPGA Design Running PetaLinux This document describes the process of attaching a custom hardware peripheral to a Xilinx Microblaze processor-based system running an embedded Linux operating system (PetaLinux SDK).
Application Note: Adding Package Libraries to a Cadence Allegro PCB Design XL Project Procedures to add library of CMC supported packages to Cadence Allegro PCB Design XL Project
Application Note: Addition of Microelectrode Arrays on CMOS Die Using Gold Stud Bumping for Neural Interfacing Applications Description of adding microelectrode arrays on CMOS die using gold stud bumping for neural interfacing applications
Application Note: Allegro Design Flow Integration in Device Under Test Board Design A method of modeling and verifying the performance of high-speed electrical traces on a printed circuit board (PCB) used as a test interface to a digital microelectronic device
Application Note: An Assembly Technique for Reusable Microfluidic Chips with Electrical Interface This application note introduces an innovative assembly process to connect the electrical pads on the chip to corresponding electrical pads on the printed circuit board (PCB) interface.
Application Note: An Examination of Commercially Available Low Power Wireless Platform Chipsets Comparison of commercially available low power wireless platform chipsets
Application Note: An Integrated FPGA-Based Vision System Description of the development of an integrated, standalone vision system
Application Note: Ansys Macro For Electrostatic Micromotor Design and Optimization Description of an ANSYS-based macro that automates the design of electrostatic micromotors with a rotor-to-stator pole ratio of 2:3
Application Note: Assembly of a Compact Fluorescence Detection/Imaging System to Detect Biological Materials Description of a compact fluorescence detection/imaging system for detecting biological materials
Application Note: Attofarad Resolution Sensing in Microfluidic Channels Using Microwave Resonant Transmission Lines Description of a sensor operating in the gigahertz range to detect attofarad fluctuations associated with biological materials in microfluidic channels
Application Note: Automated Low Pressure Microfluidic Pumping System Description of a microfluidic pumping system based on pressure regulation and its integration into a microfluidic system to sense and manipulate biological particles
Application Note: Bit Error Rate Testing of an Optical Receiver Using the Centellax TG1B1-A Overview of the principals of bit error rate testing and describes an example of a test tool available through the CMC lending pool for bit error rate testing in a representative microsystems application
Application Note: Bonding a Silicon Electrode Array to a CMOS Chip Using a Customized Flip-Chip Process Description of the flip-chip technique used by CMC to assist the study of electrical signals in the brain tissue of test animals
Application Note: Cell Detection and Manipulation Using Microfluidic Technology Process of single-cell detection and manipulation using microfluidic technology
Application Note: Ceramic Packaging for RF Components The process of designing hermetically sealed Radio Frequency (RF) packages
Application Note: Characterization of a Quantum-Dash Fabry-Perot Laser for Clock Recovery Applications Detailed description of the experimental setup and procedures for characterizing an edge-emitting quantum-dash Fabry-Perot (QD-FP) laser for optical clock recovery applications
Application Note: Characterization of Anisotropic Conductive Film Based on Vertical Fibers for Post-CMOS Wafer-Level Packaging This product is an application note capturing the use of anisotropic conductive film in a wafer-level prototype.
Application Note: Closed-Loop Control of Micro-Accelerometers Using LabVIEW FPGA Description of a method to design a closed-loop control of a micro-accelerometer
Application Note: CMC Interface Board Embedded Software Library for iNEMO Sensor Module Description of the embedded software library for CMC SPI interface board for the STM iNEMO sensor module
Application Note: CMC Interface Board for STM iNEMO Sensor Module Description of the CMC SPI interface board hardware for the STM iNEMO sensor module
Application Note: Conditioning and Rejuvenating Glass Microfluidic Devices for Electrophoresis A summary of techniques for conditioning and rejuvenating glass microfluidic devices for capillary electrophoresis: rinsing and heating
Application Note: Configuring JTAG-Compliant Devices Using the JTAGwave Tool Description of an integrated environment for programming and testing FPGAs
Application Note: Constructing a Low-Cost Microchip PCR System with Ease This application note describes how to construct a microchip polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system in an easy, convenient, and inexpensive way.
Application Note: Creating an Electrostatic Zipper Actuator in Cadence Virtuoso Description of the procedure to create an electrostatic zipper actuator using a pcell in Cadence Virtuoso
Application Note: Creating Multiprocessor System Based on Packet-Switched Network-on-Chip Description of creating a multiprocessor SOC that uses a custom-built packet-switched NOC for IPC
Application Note: Defining and Generating Arbitrary Waveforms Using Fluke 294 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Description of using software to generate desired waveforms
Application Note: Design and Fabrication of a VI-CMOS Image Sensor The design of vertically-integrated (VI) CMOS image sensors that are fabricated by flip-chip bonding.
Application Note: Design and Fabrication of Bond Pads for Flip-Chip Bonding of Custom Dies to CMOS Dies This application note describes design and fabrication of bond pads for flip-chip bonding of custom dies to CMOS dies. Options on processes and materials are presented to help determine the best approach for this application.
Application Note: Design Considerations for Developing an Optoelectronic Chip Carrier Design and fabrication considerations for optoelectronic chip carriers
Application Note: Design Layout Preparation for Manufacturing in STMicroelectronics 90-nanometre CMOS Process Demonstration of tasks and procedures to prepare your design for fabrication in the 90-nanometre (nm) CMOS technology from STMicroelectronics (ST), supplied through Circuits Multi-Projects (CMP)
Application Note: Design Layout Preparation for Manufacturing Using STMicroelectronics 65-nanometre CMOS Process Tasks and procedures to prepare your design for fabrication in STMicroelectronics 65-nanometre (nm) CMOS technology supplied through Circuits Multi-Projets (CMP)
Application Note: Design, Make, and Test a Piezoresistive MEMS Strain Sensor Description of the process to develop and test a piezoresistive MEMS strain sensor
Application Note: Designing and Implementing Embedded Control Applications on the AP1000 Platform with the AIO Module Description of procedures to design and implement embedded control applications that use the Amirix AP1000 platform with General Standards Analog I/O Board (AIO Module)
Application Note: Developing a Pressure Sensor Test Platform with Pressure Changing at High Frequency Description of the development of a pressure sensor test platform
Application Note: Developing Miniature Power Blocks Attached to Wafer-Scaled IC This application note describes the development of miniature power blocks for a wafer-scale IC.
Application Note: Development of a Hybrid CMOS Microfluidic Biochemical Sensory Microsystem Description of a technique for integrating a pre-fabricated poly or PDMS microfluidic device with a CMOS sensory chip to form a biochemical sensory microsystem
Application Note: DSP-Based Multi-Tone Testing for a Sampled Analog Channel Demonstration of using automated-test-equipment (ATE) to perform DSP-based test for mixed-signal microelectronic circuits or microsystems
Application Note: Estimating Gain Spectrum in Multi-Quantum-well Fabry-Pérot Laser Diodes below Threshold The application note describes the procedure for obtaining the material gain spectrum of Fabry Pérot (FP) semiconductor lasers.
Application Note: Ethernet Reference Design for EDK 8.2 Description of a reference design using Xilinx’s processor local bus
Application Note: Ethernet Reference Design for EDK 9.1 Description of a reference design for EDK 9.1 using Xilinx’s processor local bus (PLB)
Application Note: Evaluating Flip-Chip Bonding Packaging Parasitics Description of the tests conducted to estimate the parasitics associated with flip-chip bonding of CMOS chips
Application Note: Extracting Models of a Capacitive or Inductive Discontinuity on Transmission Lines Using Tektronix TDS8000 Oscilloscope This application note describes how to use the built-in functions of the Tektronix TDS8000 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope to extract approximate models of capacitive or inductive discontinuities on a transmission line.
Application Note: Flow Injection Analysis System for Use in Spectroscopic Characterization of Photonic Devices in a Microfluidic Environment Description of a comprehensive flow injection analysis (FIA) system used for testing and characterization of photonic biosensors in a microfluidic environment
Application Note: Fluid Containment Techniques For An IC-Based Lab-On-A-Chip Description of four methods of creating encapsulated fluid-containment cells on silicon-based integrated circuits (ICs)
Application Note: Force Transducer Design for Measuring Neck Muscular Efforts in Paediatrics This application note describes the design of a pressure force transducer to measure maximum and sub-maximum neck muscular efforts in paediatrics.
Application Note: Fully Automatic Partitioning Code for dw-2000 This application note describes fully automatic partitioning code for the Design Rule Checking (DRC) verification phase in the dw-2000 software.
Application Note: Generating a Four-Phase High Voltage Signal for Performing Dielectrophoretic Experiments in Microfluidic Applications Description of a procedure to generate a four-phase, high frequency, high voltage, sinusoidal signal
Application Note: Generating a Four-Phase High Voltage Signal for Performing Electrophoretic Experiments in Microfluidic Applications Description of the generation of a four-phase high-voltage signal using instrumentation readily available to university researchers
Application Note: Generating and Digitizing M-PSK and M-QAM Waveforms Using Verigy 93000 Automatic Test Equipment Description of using Verigy 93000 (93K) SOC Series Tester to perform baseband integrated circuit testing
Application Note: Generating and Implementing a Hardware Design Block Demonstration of generating a hardware design language (HDL) system block from a MATLAB design file
Application Note: Getting Started on iNEMO with FreeRTOS Using the KEIL MDK-ARM Toolchain Information and settings for using the STMicroelectronics iNEMO demonstration board with the embedded real-time operating system FreeRTOS
Application Note: Guidelines for Designing Printed Circuit Boards Using Polyimide Materials Summary of CMC’s experiences and insights in the use of polyimide (FLEX) materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Application Note: Guidelines to Design and Assemble High-Speed RF Substrates Guidelines of the design flow, manufacture, and test of a high-speed radio frequency (RF) substrate that is intended for operation above 5 GHz
Application Note: How to Create Three-Dimensional Micromachined Structures Using Grey Scale Masks Description of a common approach to create gray scale masks: the clustered-dot-ordered-dither (CDOD) method
Application Note: How to Migrate HDL Design to ATE Test Plan Quickly and Efficiently - the V93K_TestGenerator Tool Description of migrating HDL design to ATE test plan using V93K_TestGenerator tool.
Application Note: How to Specify the Assembly Requirements of a DC-Operated, Mid-Infrared Wavelength, Edge-Emitting Laser Diode in an Industry-Standard 14-Pin Butterfly Package Description of the assembly requirements of a DC-operated, mid-infrared wavelength, edge-emitting laser diode in an industry-standard 14-pin butterfly package
Application Note: Hybrid Integration of Custom CMOS Sensor Chips on a Glass Microfluidic Substrate, Using a Solder Bump Flip-Chip Assembly Technology Description of the hybrid integration of custom CMOS sensor chips on a glass microfluidic substrate
Application Note: Implementation of High-Speed Chip-To-Chip Communication Links Using Die-On-Board Flip-Chip Technology Implementation of high-speed chip-to-chip communication links using die-on-board flip-chip technology
Application Note: Implementation of Stroboscopic Illumination Test System for Monitoring and Analysis of Planar Movement of MEMS Actuators Description of an image acquisition system used to monitor and analyze high speed planar movement of microscopic structures such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices
Application Note: Implementing a Finite State Machine using the Texas Instrument CC2430 ZigBee RF Chip Implementation of a finite state machine (FSM) that has been designed using IAR visualSTATE tools
Application Note: Implementing a Hierarchy-Aware Design Automation Code for Use with Design Workshop dw-2000 Description of writing a script for design automation of structures in planar lightwave circuits for use with Design Workshop dw-2000
Application Note: Implementing an Efficient DRC Code for Use with Design Workshop dw-2000 Description of an efficient design rule checking (DRC) code for the verification of planar lightwave circuits, for use with Design Workshop dw-2000
Application Note: Implementing Dynamic Layer Definitions in a Technology Package for Design Workshop dw-2000 This application note describes how to create technology packages for dw-2000 to set up custom layer definitions.
Application Note: Interconnecting Microtubes in Microfluidic Applications This application note presents three different interconnection techniques for interconnecting microtubes in microfluidics applications.
Application Note: Inter-Reticle Stitching Rules and Constraints for a Wafer-Scale Integrated Circuit This application note describes inter-reticle stitching rules and constraints for a wafer-scale integrated circuit.
Application Note: LabVIEW FPGA Design for Real-Time 3-D Ultrasound Imaging System This application note describes the detailed design and implementation of a LabVIEW FPGA for a MEMS-based ultrasound imaging system.
Application Note: Laser Diode Testing: L-I-V Curves Introduction to L-I-V laser diode testing available at the APSL at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario
Application Note: Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Design Flow The application note demonstrates the design flow for LTCC technology.
Application note: Magnetically Actuated MultiMEMS Micromirror with Piezoresistive Tilting Angle Monitoring Description of a magnetically actuated micromirror, fabricated using the Sensonor MultiMEMS multi-project wafer (MPW) process
Application Note: Measuring DC-Gain of an Open-Loop Amplifier A test setup to measure the DC-gain of an open-loop amplifier
Application Note: MEMS Packaging Using Flexible Printed Circuit Boards This application note describes wire bonding and flip-chip techniques developed for assembling MEMS devices on flexible PCBs.
Application Note: MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for High-Temperature Applications Description of a highly sensitive piezoresistive pressure sensor developed for use in high-temperature applications
Application Note: Mixed Fluid-Heat Transfer for Thermal Modeling and Analysis of a Wafer-Scale Integrated Circuit Description of a mixed fluid-heat transfer approach for thermal modeling and thermal analysis
Application Note: Modifying the Baseline Example for User Designs for EDK 8.2 Description of the operation of a master/slave-type user logic core on the OPB bus of the baseline design of AP1100 system
Application Note: Modifying the Baseline Example for User Designs for EDK 9.1 Description of the operation of a master/slave-type user logic core on the OPB bus of the baseline design of AP1100 system
Application Note: Multiple Electrospray from a Custom-Designed Polycarbonate Microstructured Fiber A novel method to realize nanoelectrospray by using custom-made microstructured polymer optical fiber
Application Note: NVIDIA Tesla C1060 System Setup Description of setting up a Linux-based NVIDIA Tesla C1060 host/development system for using and/or developing General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) applications
Application Note: Optical Spectrum Analysis: Test Equipment at Advanced Photonic Systems Lab (APSL) Description and comparison of different optical instruments available for use in the APSL at Queen's University
Application Note: Packaging and Integration of a Handheld MEMS-Based Laser Display This application note describes the packaging and integration of a handheld laser display device using a MEMS micromirror.
Application Note: Packaging of MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors for Harsh Environments This application note describes a robust packaging method for MEMS-based piezoresistive pressure sensors for applications of high-temperature and harsh environments found in industrial kraft pulp digesters.
Application Note: PDMS Connectors for Interfacing to Microfluidic Devices Description of a technique to link microfluidic devices with standard fluidic equipment
Application Note: Physical Design Flow and Techniques for Layout of Wafer-Scale Circuit with Through-Silicon Vias This application note describes a design flow for wafer-scale circuit with through-silicon vias.
Application Note: Piezoresistive MEMS Strain Sensors: Design and Fabrication Process Guidelines to develop MEMS piezoresistive sensors, particularly MEMS strain (stress) sensors
Application Note: Porting Embedded Linux to a New Platform Procedure to port embedded Linux to a new platform
Application Note: Post-Processing Techniques to Address Challenges in Die Handling; Mask Alignment; and Edge Bead Infringement Description of techniques to prepare individual semiconductor die for post processing
Application Note: Preparing and Exporting Ansoft Designer Layout Files for Use with T-Tech IsoPro Milling Software Procedures to prepare and export Ansoft Designer Planar EM layouts to an intermediate format compatible with most milling software
Application Note: Preparing and Using the Optical Probe Arm for Vertical Optical Coupling The procedure for preparing and using the SUSS MicroTec optical (or, lightwave) probe arm assembly for vertical optical coupling
Application Note: Real -Time Video Processing Using Simulink Video Toolboxes and the AP1000 Board Description of building a real-time video processing environment to verify video algorithms on the AP1000 FPGA
Application Note: Real-Time 3-D Ultrasound Imaging System with Row-Column Addressing Scheme This application note describes the architecture of a MEMS-based ultrasound imaging system with capacitive micromachined transducers.
Application Note: Real-Time Data Transfer from FPGA Board to MATLAB Through PCI Description of a system that allows users of the AMIRIX AP1000 board to transfer data from user logic (HDL) on the FPGA to MATLAB for real-time digital signal processing
Application Note: Removable PDMS-based Interconnector for Low-pressure Microfluidic Applications This application note presents a removable temperature-based polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) interconnection technique for microfluidic prototyping purposes.
Application Note: Reservoirs Compatible with Organic Solvents for Glass Microfluidic Chips Description of a technique to easily and inexpensively resolve the problem of introducing organic solvents into microfluidic devices
Application Note: Setting Current EDA Tools to Interpret Design Kits Created for Older EDA Tool Versions Guidance on migrating older digital design kits to accommodate currently supported synthesis and placement and routing tools
Application Note: Silicone Encapsulation of Mechanically Flexible Multilayer Integrated System on Polymer Substrate for Medical Applications Description of a set of basic guidelines for encapsulating small electronic components on multilayered mechanically flexible polymer substrates
Application Note: Simulating Air-Bridges of CPFC GaN MMIC in Momentum A method to model air-bridges in The Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre (CPFC) GaN MMIC process
Application Note: Small Die Handling for Post-Processing using ICP-DRIE Description of a series of microfabrication steps aimed at handling and post-processing a small complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) die
Application Note: Software Framework for Low Power Wireless Microcontrollers Introduction to a framework that can be used to program microcontrollers in a low power, medium data rate wireless network environment
Application Note: Sourcing and Design Considerations for Incorporating Through-Silicon Via on a Wafer-Scale Integrated Circuit Key steps to add a Through Silicon Via (TSV) and extra metal layers to a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) wafer
Application Note: ST 65nm LVS—Reconciling Extracted and Schematic Netlists Instructions on using Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) flow and the ST Microelectronics 65nm design kit
Application Note: Streaming Data from Shimmer Motes to LabVIEW This document is mainly for researchers who are developing LabVIEW VIs to stream data from Shimmer motes. Researchers who are not developing LabVIEW VIs can use the example VI to store measurements taken with Shimmer on a PC.
Application Note: Test and Calibration on the Temperature Sensor of the iNEMO Microsystem Using the Temptronic TP4500 Environmental Thermal Chamber This application note describes the application of the thermal forcing unit at the Advanced Mixed Signal Systems Laboratory at McGill University to the over-temperature characterization of sensor components in the iNEMO platform from STMicro.
Application Note: The Shimmer EMG Board This application note describes the EMG expansion board for Shimmer wireless sensor network motes and how to acquire data in MATLAB.
Application Note: Time Synchronization of Shimmer Motes Using the Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol Instructions on running Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP) on Shimmer platform
Application Note: Top-Down Approach to Design and Simulate Mixed-Signal Chips Using VerilogA/Schematic/Layout Representation A top-down approach to designing mixed-signal microelectronic chips using Cadence Spectre Simulator from Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Application Note: Transferring Data from Crossbow IRIS Motes to MATLAB This application note describes how to transfer data from Crossbow motes to the MATLAB application where it can be displayed graphically for further analysis.
Application Note: Use of MF12-2 Custom Test Fixture to Achieve Non-Traditional Test Structures in Microfluidics Description of a custom designed test fixture for non-traditional testing of a microfluidics chip
Application Note: Using a pcell to Create a Comb Actuator in Cadence Virtuoso Description of creating electrostatic comb actuators using a pcell in Cadence Virtuoso
Application Note: Using AMIRIX PLB Trigger IP on AP1000 FPGA Board A method of interfacing with and controlling an embedded design on an AMIRIX AP1000 FPGA Board
Application Note: Using Bent-Bridges to Eliminate the Galvanic Effect in the Manufacture of MEMS Devices Description of the use of a bent-bridge method to temporarily ground the device to the substrate during fabrication
Application Note: Using Flip-chip Assembly on Glass Slides for Hybrid Integration of CMOS/ Microfluidics Description of a hybrid assembly procedure for the integration of custom sensors and actuators atop glass microfluidic substrates
Application Note: Using Kelvin Connection to Avoid Test Errors on Teradyne FLEX Tester The concept of the Kelvin Connection and its use to avoid test errors on Teradyne FLEX tester caused by parasitic resistance inherent in printed circuit board (PCB) traces
Application Note: Using Linux Userspace I/O for Rapid Hardware Driver Development Developing Linux userspace drivers.
Application Note: Using MATLAB to Generate Pattern Files for Mixed-Signal and Digital Tests on Teradyne FLEX Tester This application note describes the procedures to generate pattern files using MATLAB software for mixed-signal and digital tests on the Teradyne FLEX tester.
Application Note: Using Micromachining to Integrate RF MEMS Variable Capacitors in Conventional TSMC 0.35-µm CMOS Technology Description of integration of RF MEMS variable capacitors in conventional TSMC 0.35um CMOS technology
Application Note: Using Nanosphere Lithography to Fabricate Nanoparticle Arrays for Plasmonic Applications Description of a method for the fabrication of patterned nanoparticle arrays to be used for exhibiting Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR)
Application Note: Using Network File System for File Transfer in AMIRIX AP1000 Embedded Software Development Description of using a network file system (NFS) to transfer files between the host and target during the development of embedded software for the AMIRIX AP1000 Board
Application Note: Using NI PCI6233 for Multichannel Data Acquisition with CMC Microfluidic Carrier Platform Instructions to program NI PCI6233 for multichannel data acquisition
Application Note: Using NI PXI 7852R System to Control a Dual-Axis MEMS Micromirror Biomedical Imaging Scanning System Functional overview of NI PXI 7852R series multifunction RIO and LabVIEW 9.0 FPGA module
Application Note: Using On-Board SRAM Memory Application Note for EDK 8.2 Description of a reference design that demonstrates the use of AMIRIX AP1000 on-board SRAM memory
Application Note: Using On-Board SRAM Memory for EDK 9.1 Description of a reference design for EDK 9.1 that demonstrates the use of AMIRIX AP1000 on-board SRAM memory
Application Note: Using Synopsys Sentaurus to Simulate a P-N Junction This application note describes the use of the Sentaurus software by presenting a simple and practical application: modeling and simulating a Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) p-n junction.
Application Note: Using the CAD Import Module to Import a MEMS Pro Layout to COMSOL Multiphysics: Problems and Solutions Description of problems and solutions that arise when importing a layout from MEMS Pro to COMSOL Multiphysics
Application Note: Using Thermal Actuators with a Lever Mechanism Description of using thermal actuators with a lever mechanism to augument displacement
Application Note: Waveform Generation Using FPGA Based DAQ in PXI System Description of a design methodology to use an FPGA Data Acquisition module in a National Instruments PCI eXtensions Instrumentation system
Application Note: Using MATLAB for Automated Measurement Setups This application note describes the general steps to build an automated test setup using MATLAB. MATLAB is one of the best options for post-processing of measured data.
Application Note: JTAG Hardware Co-simulation on a Xilinx ML605 Development Board An application note on JTAG Hardware Co-simulation on a Xilinx ML605 Development Board
Application Note: Point-to-point Ethernet Hardware Co-simulation on a Xilinx ML605 Development Board An application note on point-to-point Ethernet hardware co-simulation on a Xilinx ML605 Development Board
Application Note: Developing a PCI Express Reference Design for the Xilinx ML605 FPGA Development Board on Linux OS This application note uses the Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) tool to build a Xilinx MicroBlaze processor-based embedded system design incorporating an AXI (Advanced eXtensible Interface) bus-based PCI Express interface core (AXIPCIe).
Application Note: On-Wafer Measurement at mm-Wave Range of Frequency Vector Network Analyzer characterization of active devices at mm-wave frequencies. These bands are beyond the baseband range of measurement equipment and require the use of up- and down-converting source extension modules.
Application Note: Low Power Design for Xilinx FPGAs This application note describes different strategies for optimizing power requirements for FPGA design targeting Xilinx FPGAs.
Application Note: High Performance Design for Xilinx FPGAs This application note describes several strategies in Xilinx field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for optimizing the design and meeting timing requirements.
Application Note: Noise Figure Measurement at Millimeter Wave Range of Frequency This application note provides a general overview of noise figure measurements at mm-wave range of frequencies using a low frequency noise figure analyzer and a downconverting harmonic mixer.
Application Note: The Design, Inter-processor Communication and Synchronization of a MicroBlaze Multicore SoC This application note describes the process for creating a dual-processor FPGA-based System-on-Chip (SoC) using two MicroBlaze processors in a Virtex 6 FPGA on the ML605 evaluation kit.
Application Note: Compiling Scripting Language Interpreters: Case Study PetaLinux on MicroBlaze This application note goes through the steps required to compile scripting languages interpreters and other projects from their source code, not necessarily targeted for the PetaLinux MicroBlaze.
Application Note: 3D Bioprinted Tissue Structure Process for bioprinting a 3D pseudo tissue structure using the bioprinting technology available via CMC Microsystems and hosted by Prof. Walus’ lab at the University of British Columbia (UBC).
Application Note: Fault Diagnosis Using the WirelessHART Testbed This app note describes how to use the WirelessHART testbed developed by the CMC and Western University project team to perform the fault diagnosis on the Nuclear power plant Process Control Test Facility (NPCTF) in the CIE lab at Western.
Application Note: Setting up EMX 6-Virtuoso Interface This application note provides instructions to integrate EMX 6 into Cadence Virtuoso.