Sensor Platforms Application Notes

Name Summary
Application Note: The Shimmer EMG Board This application note describes the EMG expansion board for Shimmer wireless sensor network motes and how to acquire data in MATLAB.
Application Note: CMC Interface Board Embedded Software Library for iNEMO Sensor Module Description of the embedded software library for CMC SPI interface board for the STM iNEMO sensor module
Application Note: Transferring Data from Crossbow IRIS Motes to MATLAB This application note describes how to transfer data from Crossbow motes to the MATLAB application where it can be displayed graphically for further analysis.
Application Note: Streaming Data from Shimmer Motes to LabVIEW This document is mainly for researchers who are developing LabVIEW VIs to stream data from Shimmer motes. Researchers who are not developing LabVIEW VIs can use the example VI to store measurements taken with Shimmer on a PC.
Application Note: Time Synchronization of Shimmer Motes Using the Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol Instructions on running Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP) on Shimmer platform
Application Note: Software Framework for Low Power Wireless Microcontrollers Introduction to a framework that can be used to program microcontrollers in a low power, medium data rate wireless network environment
Application Note: Implementing a Finite State Machine using the Texas Instrument CC2430 ZigBee RF Chip Implementation of a finite state machine (FSM) that has been designed using IAR visualSTATE tools
Application Note: An Examination of Commercially Available Low Power Wireless Platform Chipsets Comparison of commercially available low power wireless platform chipsets
Application Note: Getting Started on iNEMO with FreeRTOS Using the KEIL MDK-ARM Toolchain Information and settings for using the STMicroelectronics iNEMO demonstration board with the embedded real-time operating system FreeRTOS
Application Note: CMC Interface Board for STM iNEMO Sensor Module Description of the CMC SPI interface board hardware for the STM iNEMO sensor module
Application Note: Test and Calibration on the Temperature Sensor of the iNEMO Microsystem Using the Temptronic TP4500 Environmental Thermal Chamber This application note describes the application of the thermal forcing unit at the Advanced Mixed Signal Systems Laboratory at McGill University to the over-temperature characterization of sensor components in the iNEMO platform from STMicro.
Application Note: Fault Diagnosis Using the WirelessHART Testbed This app note describes how to use the WirelessHART testbed developed by the CMC and Western University project team to perform the fault diagnosis on the Nuclear power plant Process Control Test Facility (NPCTF) in the CIE lab at Western.