Procedure for Saving and Formatting Data
  1. Saving the data

    Each set of S-parameter measurements will have to be saved as data files on the network analyzer internal disk drive. The procedure for the HP 8753D is as follows but may differ for other Network Analyzers:

    Press Save/Recall
    -> Select disk
    -> internal
    -> Return
    -> Define disk save
    -> Data only on
    -> Save ASCII
    -> Return
    -> Save state

    The HP 8753D saves S-parameter data as Real and Imaginary. It is preferable to save the data in s2p format if possible so that it can be easily read into microwave software.

  2. Formatting the data

    1. The data files will be need to be formatted for use in Matlab and Libra using a text editor (e.g., nedit).

      remove all commas (","s)
      replace END with %END
      replace BEGIN with %BEGIN
      comment out all other lines containing text

    2. Load data files into Matlab
    3. Convert the data files to s2p format if you plan on using the data in a microwave tool:
      1. The function "convMX = convert(MX,freq,startf,stopf)" in convert.m converts S-parameter data in concatenated form as output from a HP 8753D Network Analyzer to S-parameter data in columns (with or without frequency). The converted data is saved to a data file called CONVERTED.data. Save the resultant data file, CONVERTED.data, to a file with a descriptive name.s2p An option exists to include frequency if it does not already exist in the raw data file.

        e.g., lna_v2b_1_3.s2p (chip/design/die#/bias.s2p)

      2. To convert to s2p format, you will also need to add the appropriate header:
        e.g., For Libra
        ! uncorrected LNA s-pars
        # HZ S RI R 50.0000

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