Microelectronics Design User Guides

Name Summary
Tutorial: FINEPLACER femto Flip Chip Bonder and an Application Example (ICI-329) This tutorial explains how to perform a thermocompression bonding using the Fineplacer femto flip-chip bonder. It mainly focuses on setting up the process parameters in the WinFlipChip control software.
Design Description: CMC 3D Reference Design (ICI-280) This document provides an overview of the CMC 3D Reference Design Project as well as a description of the device designed in the project.
User Guide: CMC's Flip-Chip Assembly Service This document provides an overview of the die bumping and flip-chip technologies, a description of flip-chip assembly approaches supported by CMC, a list of design rules, and two application examples.
Characterization Report: ST 28 nm Bulk CMOS LP Process Transistor Test Structure Design and Characterization Report of the ST 28nm Bulk CMOS LP Process