Other Platforms User Guides

Name Summary
User Guide: Decentralized Runtime Verification of LTL Specifications in Distributed Systems Tool (ICI-363)

This document describes how to run the MCDemo tool and check the results. It can be studied to understand runtime monitoring of software.

User Guide: Drone Copters System Source Code Description (ICI-355)

This system source code description for drone copters complements the assembly guide with an overview of the source code used to control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

System Description and Assembly Guide: Drone Copters (ICI-354)

This is a manual on how to construct a drone copter.

User Guide: 3D Bioprinting Heterogeneous Tissue Constructs (ICI-332) Overview of the developed 3D bioprinting system and specifies how to interface with it using a newly developed Printed Tissue Description Language (PTDL)