Design Kit: STM 28 nm CMOS - CMOS28LP

Design Kit: STM 28 nm CMOS - CMOS28LP
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Note: 28nm IO libraries are not included in the design kit at this time. A request for access to the 28nm IO libraries can be made through CMC. STMicroelectronics at its sole discretion may approve access to the libraries on a case-by-case basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: STMicroelectronics is no longer offering MPW runs for the 28nm CMOS LP bulk technology. All next 28nm MPW runs will be exclusively in the 28nm FD SOI process.

Please contact the Licensing Administrator at for more information.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions

You may access this technology if your university site has signed the STMicroelectronics Non Disclosure Agreement. To find out if your university has signed this agreement, see the STMicroelectronics University List

In addition to the NDA, access to the PDK is subject to the Network Security Requirements.

For more information contact our Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787. 

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