Design Kit: TSMC 0.35-micron CMOS-CM0SP35

Design Kit: TSMC 0.35-micron CMOS-CM0SP35
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Cadence-based physical design kit for TSMC 0.35um CMOS mixed-signal 2P4M CMOS, 3.3/5V; polycide process.

This release is intended to be installed in the Supported Technology Configuration (STC) environment supported by CMC. Only administrators of the STC disk at CMC's member universities may obtain the design kit from CMC's SFTP server, and install the kit at their university. Contact your STC Administrator for access.

Licensing Requirements or Restrictions


1. Obtain a MOSIS Account To use this technology, your university must have a current MOSIS commercial account. The university must have signed a MOSIS customer agreement. Your STC Administrator should know if you have such an account.

If these agreements are not yet in place, your STC administrator needs to arrange for an official signatory of the university to sign the MOSIS commercial account application and the customer agreement.

2. Obtain TSMC Approval To start the approval process, complete and submit the online TSMC 65nm Access Request form. Note that this form must be completed by a faculty member (staff and student applications are not accepted).

To obtain any of the design kits for TSMC technologies, the Account Liaison must complete the Academic Account Request for Document Access application form, including signing the Individual Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) for University Account Liaison (Faculty). The Application includes:

  • Account Information
  • Fabrication Plan
  • Account Liaison NDA
  • List of all students, staff, and other faculty who have signed individual NDAs (Note that these documents have an expiry date: student NDAs must be renewed every six months, while staff and faculty NDAs must be renewed annually.) All individuals who intend to use the technology must sign individual NDAs.

  • Acknowledging CMC

    If your research benefits from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems, please acknowledge this support in any publications about your work. For more information, please visit Acknowledge CMC.